Grad Trip: Intro to the Travelers

I’m Rachel. Tomorrow afternoon, I will be an alumna of Appalachian State University. It’s been 20 years coming, and instead of listening to all of my friends who tell me to “stay in school as long as I can,” I’m embracing the change as tightly as a small child does his teddy bear.

A few months ago, I sat down with my friend and old roommate Sara. She too will be walking across the stage tomorrow after an overly lengthy ceremony. We decided that in honor of our newly granted freedom, we should celebrate by traveling. We debated a few ideas, Greece being one of them, but I would Buster Bluth myself into a coma on the way there – I hate flying. We finally settled on a good old-fashioned, Kerouac-style road trip. My feet get to stay stuck on the ground and a gas pedal, and exploration’s still guaranteed.

At this point we have completely planned our trip. We have given ourselves some slack in all departments. We’re only required to be in L.A. on the 19th. Before and after, we’re going to be as lax as possible.

While all of those glorious details will be revealed over the course of our trip, here’s a little bit about us:

We met in 2007 on the day I moved into an apartment with Sara. We had never met before, but our roommate was a mutual close friend. Fortunately, we got along. We even found out our parents worked together in the ’80s. Small world, you know?

We share similar interests in laziness, N64, a long list of television shows, occasional outdoorsy-ness, Chicago (the musical), distaste for superfluous snow, Buster Bluth, Simon Pegg, and Harry Potter. Oh, and how could I forget? Diet Coke.

We are foolish together, and that’s what’s up, at least when you have to go on a road trip with someone. If you can’t car dance to “I Can’t Do It Alone” with someone on a cross-country trip, what’s the point?

We’re so, so, so excited! I can’t imagine anything better than going on a road trip to so many exciting places with one of my best friends.


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