Grad Trip: Homage to the Roomies

There are two people who should really be on this road trip with Sara & I, but due to scheduling conflicts, it can’t happen.

We aren’t all roommates anymore, but we always say we will be. “Rooms for life” is something we often yell at parties when we all finally get to see each other in one space.

We’ve had each other on living-situation rotation for years now, changing it up, but normally living with each other at least every 6 months, or pseudo-bunking up almost every day. I can’t pretend like I don’t spend more than 50% of my time at Sara and Alie’s.

When we all legitimately and physically lived together, the four of us planned a cross-country trip at least once every month. We had jars in our house labeled “Mardi Gra Fund” and tried desperately to get our drunken guests to contribute all of their change.

Now we’re taking off without them, and though we have another trip with them in the mix (another time, another entry), we will miss them dearly!

Cheers to Alie & Whitty!


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