Grad Trip: It’s Been a Long Night in Baton Rouge

I’ll marry you if you can place that title.

I’m sitting in our suite, staring at my empty glass and wishing I had more vodka to go with the bite-sized can of grapefruit juice I have. I can’t complain, though, as the bartender opened his station back up for Sara and I AND gave us discounted drinks. He was insanely nice, as we’ve found most people in this hotel are. And Baton Rouge. And the deep South in general.

Today was spent in five different states. FIVE! Florida’s nickname, The Sunshine State, is a misnomer in January and should be given to Alabama, as we saw nothing but gray skies in the Panhandle. Ahh, but then Alabama the Beautiful scooped us up with warm rays of sun like a white knight. From there on out, there was nothing but blue skies. It was a nice break after days upon days and winters upon winters in the snowy mountains.

We’ve racked up over 1,000 miles on the odometer and we’ve been through six states total already, minus our home sweet Carolina. I can’t believe we’re only on day two, but part of me already never wants it to end.

Observations from our second day behind the wheel:
– Mobile, AL has one of the most beautiful and futuristic skylines I’ve ever seen. Who’da thunk it?
– I wholeheartedly believe Mississippi & Louisiana are in a secret contest to see who can name a city/river/county the most outlandish thing possible. Giwjflejhph might show up on a road sign one day as something that’s supposed to be taken seriously.

That’s all for now. I gotta get my beauty rest on because the road is taking its toll. I’m too tired to be witty.

P.S. We found out who our guest is when we’re on Conan. Guess you’re gonna have to keep reading to find out yourselves…


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