Grad Trip: Gator Bites

What’s that you say? What does alligator taste like?

Oh, I’d be happy to tell you! Imagine finding a pair of shoes with thick rubber soles (like these). Now imagine scraping that sole off and chopping it into small rectangular pieces and seasoning it. Now imagine throwing it on the grill until it blackens into something mostly solid. Now imagine how that would feel when you put it inside your mouth and chewed on it. Yeah. You feel that? The bouncy, sticky feeling between your teeth and the flavor of what you think rubber would taste like based on its scent?

That’s what gator is like, minus the flavoring. That’s where my comparison goes awry, because its taste is like the spawn of chicken and tilapia.

What I’m saying is… gator is the equivalent of rubber tilicken. You’re welcome for the new phrase.


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