Grad Trip: Drink. It. In.

Ron Burgandy wasn’t lying about how awesome San Diego is.

I can’t believe that I’ve lived my whole life never seeing this city. Every part of it is uniquely beautiful, yet it is this one cohesive chunk of land that is the perfect blend of nature and metropolis.

I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time today. It was freezing, just like the water back at home in the mountains, but it was abruptly different. The smell of the ocean is crisper on this side of the country and the wind blows opposite of how I’ve always known it. And when you look down at the sand between your toes, there are actually golden grains of sand, forming streaks that glitter boldly in the sun.

I’ve watched the sun rise from the Outer Banks of NC my whole life, but watching the same star set off of the Sunset Cliffs on America’s own Golden Coast was unreal. The surfers looked so sleek against the vivid rainbow of reflections off the water. It was like watching it the first time, even though I’d watched it only the night before in La Jolla to the tunes of the sea lions.

San Diego deserves pages of elegant description and hilarious cultural observations, but I just don’t think I could do it justice. You’ve gotta see this place for yourselves.

Here’s a start:

(Notes/(hopeful) witticisms to come!)


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