Grad Trip: Tumbleweeds & Prairie Dogs

After a perfectly timed day at the Grand Canyon and another unfortunate stay in Flagstaff, we set off for Santa Fe, NM. It really didn’t take that long, and I have to credit us with the foresight to realize that by this latter part of our journey, we’d want shorter trips and more stops.

We rolled in just in time to catch the end of what was probably an amazing sunset. Can’t win ‘em all, especially after the amazing ones we witnessed further west.

We did, however, completely win out in our lodging situation for the night. My mom’s friend Adrienne, who graciously took us out for seafood earlier in our trip, lent us her condo for the night. It was a nice break in a string of grimy hotels that got worse as our slowly dwindling standards kept falling even lower.

After a we-don’t-have-internet-to-find-food crisis was solved, we made our way to downtown Santa Fe. It was absolutely charming and maybe more than anywhere else, I’m upset we didn’t get to explore it more, or at the very least, see it by the light of day. Parking was awful, and we circled for far more time than either of us would have liked to, but we finally found a spot and walked to the restaurant.

I think it’s a bold statement, because we had so much good food on our trip, but this might have been the best of the best. Blue Corn Cafe & Brewery had every possible mouth-watering Mexican/New Mexican entree on their menu. I ordered some fresh limeade and Sara had a sangria. We shared some extremely fresh chips and dips, then I had the best taco of my life and a tamale with a pork filling that seriously melted in my mouth. Ahh, I’m making myself so hungry thinking about it. Hungry and sad, sad that I can’t grab a plate of their food unless I travel back two times zones.

We came home for a night of coziness and movies before calling it an early night. We had to get up early to hit up Ojo Caliente, but that’s another entry, my friends.


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