Grad Trip: 2 Birds, 1 Entry

Ojo Caliente Spa
After over two weeks of driving, Sara and I decided to spend the rest of our graduation money on spa treatments. I will never, EVER regret that decision. Well, I might regret the 20 minutes it took to book the appointments, during which the receptionist said magical at least 17 times. In the end I booked a mud treatment, massage, and facial, while Sara went with a hot stone massage and a facial as well.

As soon as we arrived, we changed into robes before the staff made us take this bizarre survey to designate what products should be used in our respective facials. Sure, there were questions about our complexions, but there were also gems like: “disposition when ‘in balance’” and “overall personality.” The results? I’m apparently a fire and Sara’s an earth. With this crucial information in hand, we were paired off with our spa attendants, who were both amazing, though from completely different walks of life. In short, it was wonderful. At one point, I was covered in just mud from head to toe. I felt like I was five years old playing outside after a thunderstorm.

After Magic Fingers and Granola Hippie were done with us, we had to jump in the car and onto the road again immediately.

I’m hopping straight ahead here because nothing spectacular exists on the drive in northwest New Mexico, unless you count a factory spewing pollution, and the same can be said for northeastern Texas. By the end of the day, we were just thankful to be out of the car, in one of our last decent hotels, and to have food on our stomachs. It didn’t matter to us at that point that we had so much oil left in our hair from the spa that we looked like sewer rats. (To be more precise, think Splinter from TMNT.)

In the morning before setting off for Dallas, we backtracked a few miles to find Cadillac Ranch for, sadly, our only taste of roadside Americana.


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