Grad Trip: Dallas

I don’t know what happened, but somehow in the two days we were in Dallas, I didn’t take ANY video or photos.

Maybe it’s because the drive from Amarillo to Dallas was the absolute worst of the trip, due only to the fact that is was so. bloody. boring.

Maybe it’s because we enjoyed the summery weather as soon as we stepped out of the car before stuffing our faces with Italian.

Maybe it’s because her cousin talked us into going out to a bar called The Velvet Elvis with him and his friends that first night.

Maybe it’s because we spent our only full day eating good Tex Mex with Sara’s inquiring little cousins, answering questions that I had never thought of answers for.

Maybe it’s because our second night was spent at a real Texas honky tonk, listening to country music and drinking $1 margaritas and cheap Texas beer.

Ya know… maybe.


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