Gonnas: A Not-So-Plateau Plateau

I have yet to go to sleep, but I am finally, finally feeling the clutches of slumber wrap themselves around my body.

I spent Wednesday resting for all of the upcoming doctors appointments I have and recovering from the intense week of health disasters. I did keep my gonna of resumé-ing and found a gaggle more positions to apply to tomorrow.
I didn’t get to see my dad yesterday, but we made plans to move that gonna to today, so I wouldn’t say the 23rd was a total failure in terms of this project.
More than anything, it was a day of having daydream upon daydream about what is hopefully coming up in the future for me. It’s been a day spent rearranging finances, making a reasonable plan, and imagining sparkling city lights. I’m vague for a reason, but hopefully won’t have to be for much longer.
Today I’m gonna: go to my first doctor appointment, eat lunch/talk with Dad, and go to another appointment. I’m gonna spend a few hours after that applying for this new round of jobs I found.
I solemnly swear that I will have some kind of visual stimulant in my entry tomorrow. I know that text only entries ain’t everyone’s thang. Neither is southern twang, but you can just get over that.


  1. They really need to klepto the like buttons from Facebook for those points in time where people have a serious case of Brain Farts but would still like to express that they've read your words and crave a subtle way to say “you go girl” without actually regressing to 90's slogans… Just saying.

    Oh and… um, you go girl. *snicker*

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