Gonnas: Sweet Success

Yesterday was such a success. I woke up at 4 a.m. (beat that, Kathie Lee) and relaxed my face off. Okay, well except for the part where I fought off the excruciating pain and sickness, a given of post-massage. If you’ve never been on the receiving end of a professional one, consider yourself warned about the terrors of the day after.

I drove to my long forgotten hometown to get my car fixed (gonna #1) and hung out with an old friend who may or may not believe that I should do away with the quotations on this blog’s title. It’ll never happen, but thanks for the always-accepted input of ideas.
I came back home & got some quality time with my family-away-from-family – which I’m counting as my unexpected-but-lovely third gonna including this precious little lady:
I came home, walked to my room, and quite literally crashed. At 10:30! AGAIN! I bet the sweet ecstasy of rest that is running through my veins right now is how a crackhead feels when they finally sleep it off after a binge.
This early sleep thing might be impeding on my job application-related gonnas, but it’s nice to see the other side of 6 a.m. It means another 2-out-of-3 day, but it also means my left eye no longer twitches like it’s dancing to some techno I can’t hear.
Today I’m gonna: go to Target and grab a few essentials, make pizzas with Mom, and for the love of CHRIST, do more resumés.
C’mon, baby. Three outta three.

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