Gonnas: Resuming Resumés

WHY?! Why do I do this to myself?! Like a few of the men I’ve dated, I sweet talk myself and never deliver. Even abusive threats using pop culture references didn’t work. I STILL didn’t finish sending in those epic curricula vitae. I think I’ve found my gonna glitch, and today I’m gonna do some IT work. (That was almost as bad as a Carrie Bradshaw pun. Forgive me my sins.)

I did get back to Boone, hang out with some friends, and make a rough outline of the things I have to get done over the next few weeks. Gonnas one, two, and three down for the count.
Yesterday did have an unexpected special feature: I finally got my sister’s old video camera working. I spent hours pouring over these old home videos. Because you know… that’s more important than FINDING A JOB?!!?!
I’m going to stop this downward spiral of inner-punishment about not correctly prioritizing because that’s boring, pointless, and humorless for all involved. I’m just going to ignore these fractions that keep attempting to overthrow my entire life-changing plan. Those mutinous bastards.
Today I’m gonna: pre-cook a lot of meals (which also means washing dishes), start going through my stuff for items that can be sold/given away/trashed, and SEND. SOME. RESUMÉS!


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