Gonnas: One for the Girls

I didn’t realize that I needed a day of cliché girly activities, but it definitely lifted my spirits after the whole being injected with dye fiasco.

My mom & I headed to the grand ol’ hometown to stuff our stomachs full of sweets and hors d’oeuvres and watch Sarah open tons of baby stuff. We played not-so-traditional babyshower games (thank GOD) and spent an afternoon in the company of our oldest lady friends. It was a pleasant and easy gonna to cross off the list.
We headed out to navigate Whitty’s wedding location later, an unexpected source of much-needed exercise. I’m going to take that gonna as well. We also did some damage to her list of multiple decisions left to make. We’re the opposite of the government in that way.
I ended up failing on the resumé gonna. I know. It’s my “I’m gonna” downfall, much like porn stars/drugs are for Charlie Sheen. I can say with certainty that you’re not surprised, but I didn’t spend the time on a completely irrelevant quest: I found a Titanic-sized boatload of more jobs to apply for.
Today I’m gonna do things as they come. It seems appropriate for a lovely Sunday.
P.S. Happy birthday, Lucas Young. May you always be the Don Draper of your own life and find a secretary as hot as Christina Hendricks to bang.

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