NYC Trip: Checking In

Monday: Manhattan exploration from the Barnes and Noble in Union Square all the way into Central Park and out again. I don’t find a single sight I don’t love. I see the Empire State Building which is actually not an atrocious skyscraper as I have been led to believe. There’s art deco design on there you never see in movies. Lying bastards.

Tuesday-Wednesday: Hideout in Queens due to returning health issues, travel exhaustion, sleep interruption due to the Greeks renovating above my head, and less-than-savory news about my prospects up here. I find a bagel shop with not only the most drool-worthy bagels, but also the cheapest. I spend a lot of time with Stephanie. We find a really cool bar.

Thursday: Sleep deprivation continues but I venture out with Steph into the sunny warm weather to the East Village. I fall in love as soon as I step out of the subway because the seasons hottest Prada dress is staring me in the face. I finally see the Chrysler Building. I find more and more to love as we actually arrive in the Village, especially the lovely little restaurant where we sit in the garden and fill our stomachs. I offhandedly mention I want gelato and Stephanie delievers. I finally sit on the side of the N where I can see the nighttime Manhattan skyline.

I’m gonna enjoy my last few days here. I’m gonna balance the rest and ease I need with some more exploration. I’m gonna keep going, despite my setbacks.


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