Gonnas: Neuroses

Yesterday, I didn’t get around to that whole playing outside thing, but I did find some more jobs that were trying to hide from me. I don’t know why they tried…
I found them online amidst a long night of wind, heavy rain, and thunder. I’ve never been able to sleep when there’s severe weather (just ask my mom) and last night was no different. I actually stayed up until 7 a.m. this morning watching the news. The word you’re scrambling for is not crazy. Neurotic is the proper term.
To pass the time, I would, on occasion, leave the TV to do something productive. I spent my hours seeking glamorous retail jobs and even found an opening in loss prevention! (K, not actually excited. Well, except maybe about that last one, because I could dress like Carmen Sandiego and bust some fools.) I cleaned out my vanity almost completely and spent hours perfecting a logo for my most recent idea obsession. I’d show it to you, but that would take away the fun of a bigger reveal later. I want to Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction everyone with it.
Since I stayed up glued to the screen like a gold digger to a dying old man, I didn’t wake up until this afternoon, but have already been more productive today than I was the month leading up to my NYC trip.
Today I’m gonna apply for those jobs, clean out my desk, and probably do something I haven’t foreseen as a possible goal for today. And please – I know I’m not very serious, but – on a serious note, keep everyone affected by these tornadoes in your thoughts. It’s rough out there.

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