Gonnas: For You

Yes, you.

My family, friends, and even strangers who, for some reason, love my blog. Who compliment me so sweetly, who actually think I’m funny. The latter makes me happiest of all.
This entry goes out to you, for supporting me, for getting me to nearly 3,000 page views on something I don’t promote as much as I could/should.
For encouraging me to keep going when often I don’t feel like it, for inspiring me when I let more than half the day pass without an entry and think about giving up. Simply put, I don’t because I remember there are people out there who enjoy what I have to say. I think of you and whip out an entry because of you, for you.
And because you are all so fabulous, I really want to hear what you want more/less of. I want you to send me gonnas to add to and cross off of my list. I want you to send me random questions and start off-topic conversations. I want to know you and I want you to know that you, each and every one of you, matter to me.
I spent such a long time making a one-of-a-kind gift for you. Are you ready? I set up a special email, just for you and I to communicate!
You’ll have to copy and paste that baby into your “To:” box, but send as many messages as your various sized hearts desire. I will read every one of them! (Just make sure if your email is something like cUtegirL69@hotmail.com that you tell me who you are.)
Today I’m gonna go to Boone for a few hours to take care of some gonnas up on the mountain. Today you should send me emails galore! Any ideas will end up on the new section I created just for your brain babies. It’s at the top of the page in case you missed it.

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