May the Fourth Be With You


Where I would normally sit with Yoda and watch my copies of the original trilogy, I am going to force myself to stay away from the TV… at least until later. Besides, they’re in Boone and I am here.

Yesterday was spent largely in my bed due to the nerve pain I referred to in my previous post. I watched shitty 80’s movies, ranted on my old blog like a 13-year-old girl, and edited photos.



  1. Hi Rachel,

    I noticed that you are active on 20something bloggers and also post regularly here on your blog. I am trying to learn more about 20SB as an online community as part of an ethnography for a class (I'm a student at the University of Wisconsin). Would you mind answering a few questions for me about your perspective on 20SB? Please let me know and I'll send over the questions.


    PS: I think it's great that you “relish the weirdness” in your life – if everyone did a little more of that, I think the world would be a happier place.

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