Gonnas: If You’ve Noticed My Absence…

I haven’t been blogging you say? Wrong.

Blogger decided to shit out on all of its users for an extremely prolonged time for “maintenance.” I’m 99% sure the outage was only supposed to be an hour, but in true Internet fix-it fashion, it lasted more like two days.

Every time I tried to M:I it into my blog, I was met with the same greeting over and over and over again…

Blogger had the most cryptic things to say about the outage. One minute they were all like “Um… It should totes be back up soon!” The next, the statement had vanished into thin air. It was like Houdini was calling the PR shots. It was like a shitty frat boy you meet at a bar telling you he’ll call you the next day. (You know he won’t, girl.) It was like they wanted me to punch them square in the jugular.
To tide myself over through the withdrawal, I sat around watching movies and reading, interupted only by my chiro appointments and food. Okay, so mayyyybe I applied for some more jobs and mayyyyybe I’ve been cleaning, too, but I didn’t want to scare you guys with a sudden influx of activity. I know you’re not used to it coming in waves from my direction, but you better get comfy, ’cause this chiropractic treatment is rocking my world like MJ.
Today I’m gonna help Mom finish cleaning for the other sibling’s arrival, which is equivalent to that of a solar eclipse, so I should probably get off of here and go prepare my eyes.

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