Gonnas: Everything I Doooo, I Do It For Youuuu

Well, despite my attempts, I didn’t fall asleep any earlier than usual last night. I tried to video game myself into a stupor, which only gave me a headache. I tried to lull myself to sleep with Community, which worked until I would shut my eyes and be wide awake. I even cocooned myself in a blanket like a fucking roly poly. None of it worked to get me asleep. I just kept feeling bored and extremely awake the moment I let my eyelids meet.

More than anything, I want to do it for me, but I also wanna do it for all of you. I’m not naive. I’ve been seeing the quality of my blog entries semi-plummet into darkness over the past couple of weeks, and more shameful than boring myself is boring my audience. If I’m on a normal schedule, I can regale you with tales of real life. You know, the life that all of you already live… but hopefully with a voice that’ll make you stick around and wanna read.

Today I’m gonna be productive as humanly possible to try and wear myself out and give this whole sleep thing another shot tonight, because even if my body doesn’t want it, you guys deserve it.

Because you know it’s true…

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