Gonnas: Nothingness and a Macho Man

I’m sorry for missing my blog yesterday, but I was chillin’ on a cloud with a bunch of people I’ve never met before. I got kicked out pretty quickly after making some less-than savory Jesus jokes. Someone made a mistake in paper work and AH, you know how it is. We got a good laugh in before I floated back down to Earth.

While I really did think it would be funny not to blog yesterday, it was just completely anticlimactic like this whole Rapture business in general. Most of the world didn’t believe it or understand it, but at the end of the day, a mislead dude abused his followers in true cult-leader style and left them broke and disillusioned. That’s sad, even for those who were naive enough to believe the never-really-answers-anything literature behind the idea.

So here I am instead, sitting in my oven of a room in Boone right now. It’s kind of nice to be back for a bit, even if I have no A/C. To be honest, I woke up feeling like someone practiced kickboxing on my upper back while I was sleeping, but I’m still happy to be here like I said I was gonna be.

Today I’m gonna give my first suggested gonna a shot. (If you haven’t already checked out the pages at the top of the screen, you should. That’s where you can find any gonnas I’ve been asked to try, or suggest some of your own if you’d like.) I’m also gonna take care of some bills and my neglected room before hopefully getting some good hangout time with the Boonies.

One last thing about the Rapture then I’ll shut up about it, pinky promise:
(On why the rapture didn’t happen, courtesy of Randy Savage)

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