Things I Learned on Donut Runs

I had to deliver a lot of donuts to a lot of confused and/or (mostly) unhappy people over the past few months. These are my findings.
  • Yes, Hooter’s is open at 10 a.m., and yes, it is packed.
  • Google Maps is equally unhelpful in both GPS and printed form.
  • Weird road names (e.g. Skeet Club Rd.) will still make me giggle like a toddler/question the sanity of the city planners.
  • You can find inspiration in the most unexpected places. I know this last one doesn’t really fit, and it shouldn’t, because it’s a story in and of itself.

One day on my usual deliveries for work, I walked into an office that was far from fully staffed. In fact, there was only one employee there. I assumed everyone else was on vacation and felt for the guy for having to hold down the fort by his lonesome all week. He was surprisingly chipper as insurance agents come, but even more so for being holed up by himself in a huge office.

We started to chat as per usual for these visits, but I ended up sitting at his desk with him for about an hour. I was pleasantly surprised to find someone who A. didn’t push me out the door as fast as possible, and B. had more to say than a half-hearted “Thanks.”

He asked me about how I came to the company and what I’d gone to school for. I started talking about my aspirations to one day move to New York City, and he said some really simple words to me then that I’ve taken to heart everyday since:

“If you want to do it, do it. You have to figure out what you want and go for it.”

He reminded me that I am young and have the freedom to do what I want. Yes, I have responsibilities like every other adult: student loans to pay, health insurance to find… but at the end of the day, I am not bound to anything like a newly purchased home or a couple of bratty kids. I am free to decide my own future because my future hasn’t yet begun.

He told me to have faith and to make a list. He said to think carefully about the list, to take time crafting it, because with enough work and belief, I could get what exactly I wanted from life.

I’ve been mentally crafting a list ever since. I think I’m almost ready to write it down and put it out there for the universe to see. In the meantime, even sorting in my head seems to be working. Who’d ever think simply asking for what you want could bring so many possibilities?

Sorry for getting a lil’ Tony Robbins there. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


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