Gonnas: Figures…

That as soon as I have the time to write my heart out that I’d run straight into a broad, steel-strength wall of writer’s block. It’s always like that, though, isn’t it? I’m just gonna have to push through it, but damn, that bitch is huge.

I’ve been staring blankly at this screen for hours, waiting for something inspiring to come out of my brain. In the mean time, I’ve downloaded three movies to watch, researched more random facts than is acceptable, and kind of driven myself crazy trying to find a new apartment.

I’m in a transitional moment, so my head is full to the brim. I am excited for all the change because I crave it, but it’s stressful nonetheless. I’ve been trying to hold it in and have fun in the moment, but I feel like I’m going mad not talking about it. I’m not really down with that at all. That’s not who I am, and I’d like to return to the comedic portion of this program… immediately.

So, in the spirit of that whole writing down what you want the universe to send back kinda thing (and in an effort to get my fun back), I’m gonna drop my number one stressor off here and see how much whatever’s out there is listening:

I have a new job in a new city. Training starts the 22nd, and I’d really like to have an apartment in my idea of the ideal location by then.

That’s my number one goal for the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, my gonnas for this week are:

  • Sort/pack/Goodwill/Craigslist/etc. my belongings.
  • Finish a motherfucking book because really, this non-reading has gone on long enough.
  • Get a haircut.
  • Continue the search for an abode.
  • And finally, round out the week with some fun via a viewing of “30 Minutes or Less” with the bf.
If you think you’ve got all the answers to my residential woes (or just really know what’s up with the Raleigh rental scene), send a bitch an email at imgonnadothatgirl@gmail.com.

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