I’m lucky enough to be sitting here, belly pleasantly full of cookies, watching football with my pretty stellar boyfriend. I’ve had a beautiful lazy Sunday, but I can’t help but feel a little forlorn. I can’t help but feel sad for the people who aren’t here to see this day, and for those whose lives are a little less empty due to the absence of a loved one.

I feel like I have to write about the tenth anniversary of September 11, but at the same time, it feels as gaudy as the superfluous Facebook statuses I keep reading.

I want to write about it because I’m scared that people lose sight of what really happened amidst their various dogmas. I want to write about it, because when you remove the projections of themselves that people throw all over 9/11, it is simply a tragedy. I want to write about it because it’s sad. I’m sad.

I’m sad when I think about all of the children who have to grow up hearing stories about one of their parents instead of knowing them. I’m sad when I think about all of the final phone calls that came from those planes. I’m sad when I look at the pictures of the destruction and utterly senseless loss. I’m sad when I think about how misdirected our government was in the aftermath. I’m sad when I think about the soliders and citizens who die every day for the events 10 years ago. I’m sad when I think about the fact that some people aren’t happy until there’s someone to blame, even if the wrong person ends up being persecuted.

Once, someone told me they thought all Muslims secretly wanted to kill Americans. I couldn’t understand that. I couldn’t understand how he could miss the lesson that was birthed from 9/11 so badly. I couldn’t understand why he would want to continue the cycle of hate instead of breaking it with love instead.

Why is pointing the finger so important to some people? Clearly the important part of this event is remembering who we lost that day and every day since, no matter their religion

I’ll never forget where I was all those years ago. I will never forget how I felt. Though I may have been hurt and confused, I was never filled with hate.

Please, remember to love today. And you know what? If you really need them, keep your revenge and hate, but save them for another day.

Today, all we do is remember, and remember as kindly as the human heart can muster.


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  1. You know what I remember? I left work early because my boss closed the shop, and I remember all of the people driving home were letting someone else go next, no matter what intersection I was at. I remember how BLUE the sky was, and how quiet the the skies were except for the fighter jets. I remember how screwed the world was for my daughter stuck in school and didn't know what the hell was going on.

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