Gonnas: Lemme Update Ya

Sup, y’all? I’ve been staying busy. Well, as busy as someone who has felt mostly like a bus and train simultaneously hit them can feel.

I accomplished a number of small feats: finished rereading “The Great Gatsby,” continued the task of house hunting, cleaned, laundered (clothing, not money), and ran many an errand. Oh, and watched the entire “The Kennedys” mini series. Isn’t my life super interesting!?
I also finally started a project I’d been working on, in my head at least, for quite some time. I’ve started the beginning phases of what I hope will be a larger effort: Southern Sheek. It’s gonna be fun, so check it out. Don’t worry, this little blog isn’t going anywhere. Where else could I tell bad jokes and vent about current political candidates?
Now, I’m gonna get off of this damn computer and go do some things, merely so I can return and regale you with epic tales of productivity and the ensuing hilarity… or something like that?
Enjoy your weekend! With this bangin’ forecast, I know I will.

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