Wherein I Post Really Random Thoughts

While I’m working on and filming my October gonnas, I have had many a thought. Nothing to quite force an HB entry out of me, but still thoughts nonetheless. Since I’ve been so silent, I figured hey, what the hell? Who doesn’t love a good strain of weird and pointless thoughts?

  • Don’t shave your legs while listening to Beyonce ballads as the two will completely cancel each other out.
  • Why do people have to post about their children on Facebook every 10 seconds? I can’t scroll through my news feed without hitting a baby related status every other entry. I honestly don’t care that your weird little thing made this today or walked two feet yesterday. I’ve never seen so many toddlers get so many digital ego strokes. If I posted superfluous stati (?) about my boyfriend, or my dog, or my Wii, or myself 24/7, I would be deleted from 85+ news feeds in a flash. Just because your baby is debatably cute doesn’t make it an exception to the rule.
  • The world would be a better place if everyone watched “Parks and Recreation.”
  • Ya know, I think I’m just gonna start updating my status every 15 minutes about how I get to sleep a full night, get drunk if and when I want to, how adorable my boyfriend is, and how I can stay away from home for extended periods of time. Word.
  • I’m 99% positive there is something haunting my house. It’s currently making the creepiest noises in recorded history, but I’m too stricken with fear to run.
  • Oh, God, I forgot about the FB people who post absurd political quotes every two seconds… dammit!

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