Random Thoughts II

(Photo by Jessica White)
  • I am scared of everything, so I’m thinking about covering every mirror in my house with post-its that say: “Hey, dumbass, do you know why you’re scared of everything? Because you marathon horror movies when you’re home alone all day, as if this will alleviate your crippling fear of the random creaks your house makes throughout the night.”
  • Simon Pegg’s autobiography should be required reading for all high school students.
  • I should probably be sent to rehab for Internet and TV addiction, but there’s not cable there.
  • If this model is plus size, let us all kill ourselves now because we, as society, are awful and stupid.
  • I will never be as funny as Allie Brosh. I can live with this, but with much shame and darkness.
  • “Top Gear” is magical.
  • My house is full of many delectable foods to make a hearty breakfast, but I instead choose to start my day with peanut butter crackers and a piece of dark chocolate.
  • Oh, hey, remember those approximately MILLION entries I’ve written about how the generation before us FUCKED UP OUR EXPECTATIONS OF REALITY? Someone is finally apologizing. Thanks, John Cheese. P.S. I really enjoy your food.

….. I just realized there still might be some people out there who don’t understand linking. See the words in different colors throughout this entry? Those are links. CLICK THEM!

Email: imgonnadothatgirl@gmail.com
Twitter: @The_Gonna_Girl


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