Mi Familia

I’ve been blessed with an awesome family. I always knew there was something special about them, but I couldn’t really put my finger on it until I started to age into something like wisdom. They’re all so open, so loving, so intelligent, so supportive, that I could never even fathom the idea of that kind of thing not existing outside my doors.

After years of witnessing abusive or simply bad parents, distant cousins and grandparents, and unexplored family trees, I realize how amazing it is that I can say what I’m feeling to any member of my family. I can’t believe how gifted I am to not only know my family way-back-when, but to know and trust my family now.

Thanks to each and every one of you for being so amazingly beautiful inside and out. I am dazzled by both your souls and your smiles. I am thankful for the common blood we have running through our veins, and, well, let’s be honest… our ridiculously good looks.

My nose is a carbon copy of Great-Grandpa Gibsons (low right).
Grandma N (far right) is a fox.
How picturesque are these chaps?
Especially the middle shorty looking the camera dead-on, mi padre.
Is that James McAvoy? NO, it’s my Grandpa N.
… and my Pop-Pop
… and Grandma G.
(And a pouting young Mom or Uncle Jon)
Mom and baby me + sis + N cousins.
A bunch of Italians.
Didn’t you know? My father is Sirius Black.
Snazzy pj’s, Aunt Bets.
Some G womens.
Lots ‘o folks.
Little N’s being largely awesome.

Here’s to the G’s and the N’s (and all our name variations in between) for being the most exquisite groups of people ever put on this planet.



  1. Awesome post. Your family looks fab! I share your familial gratitude. Every time I hear about someone's terrible family life, I'm ever so grateful for my own.

    P.S. You're adorable!

  2. Love these classic family photos! I had a pop-pop too, and he also looked handsome in black and white. This is a most lovely post. It's good to be reminded of exceptional relations.

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