The Coquette

I’m so happy to live in an age full of these amazingly gifted writers and thinkers who have access to a platform because of blogging. When I first signed up for my beloved Tumblr, I stumbled across Coke Talk. Her sharpness and blunt advice immediately caught my attention. After reading (and laughing) for quite some time, I also grew to love her wisdom, her rationality, her intelligence, and her penchant for forgiveness.

I watched as she added features and changed her name, all things she did with grace and perfect timing. I even ordered a “Cunt” necklace from her Boutique and got a shout-out from the anonymous lady herself, a moment of true Tumblr glory and geekery that I will forever cherish.

The real reason I wax poetic about Coquette is because she is such a good source of truth in a world full of bullshit. She wants her readers to question everything, even her. She wants us to grow up, let go, and find peace. And even when she cracks that whip of a tongue at one of her advisees, she does it with the best of intentions. Some may say she’s a bitch, but I don’t see that. I see an unrelentingly kind and evolved soul.

Nine times out of ten, I agree with Coquette. The other 10 percent of me that dissents her opinions still respects the shit out of them. In fact, I even marinate on what’s rubbed me the wrong way, sometimes for days, wondering if she was actually right. She makes me a better advocate for myself and for the issues I believe in.

So here they are, some of the columns and random snippets that have meant the most to me from Our Lady Coquette. Thanks for helping one girl on the opposite coast come to terms with life and its myriad of intricacies.



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