2012 Resolutions: A Recap

On the morning of New Years Day, J and I sat down and made some resolutions. I’m a person who forgets absolutely everything if I don’t have it written down, so a list was a natural step in the process. As I’d never really seriously given weight to making resolutions until 2012, I thought it’d be a fun (and scary) project to see if I actually stuck to them. Here goes nothin’…

2012 Resolutions
1. Healthy lifestyle
While my healthier eating habits have slacked of late because of too little money in my bank account, I can proudly say that for the most part of 2012, I lived a healthier lifestyle than I have in years. I have worked out more consistently, been more aware of my diet, taken vitamins regularly, and lost 20 pounds. I gained back the extra five lost after my stint in the hospital by choice, and I finally have a grasp on what is important to me, body, mind, and health-wise.
Resolution status: complete.
2. Be more efficient
Efficiency and I will be at odds for many years to come, but I made great strides this year – thanks in part to my resolution partner, and then of my own volition after enough schooling. I have a long way to go, but my belongings have been cut in half, those still around are more organized, and I finally see shortcuts for making life easier that I wouldn’t have prior to making this resolution. (It helps when you have someone willing to call you on your inefficiency as well! Ha.)
Resolution status: complete, but will make another appearance on the list this year.
3. Stop procrastinating
This is another one of those things I consistently battle with. While I’ve made improvements with the help of lists, friends, and even an occasional moment of self-motivation, I still have days upon days of utter procrastination.
Resolution status: touched upon, but will make another appearance on the list this year.
4. Overcome fears
YEP. Yup. Yes. Uh-huh. I found it in me to buck up to anesthesia twice, and though the prospect of being put under still doesn’t sit well with me, it no longer looms over me with a gloomy weight. I’ve started singing in front of a small group of people again. I’ve exercised through scary moments due to my heart issues, knowing it would make it better in the end. I’ve taken up caffeine again in small amounts for the same reason. There are more fears to overcome, but I can feel my confidence in defeating them growing inside me everyday.
Resolution status: complete, but I will overcome more in 2013.
5. Accomplish a big goal
I had to think about this for a while because I really didn’t feel like I’d accomplished something grand this year. Everything got increasingly hard as the year went on and tragedy and heartbreak hit both close and far from home. I felt bogged down by the weight of the bad things, only to finally be saved by remembering the good. Remembering that I’d done something daring and big and maybe a bit crazy…
This year, I let go of a job that made me feel mentally battered in every possible way to focus on myself and what I really wanted. And guess what? It worked. I truly know what I want from life and how to get there. The not knowing had spilled over into all the other parts of my life, the more important parts. Now that I have direction, drive, and excitement, I feel like I can truly give myself to those other fantastic parts of life all the way. Now the only problem is waiting for life to catch up.
Resolution status: complete. Here I come, Masters degree!
This is my last post of 2012. I’m wishing everyone a happy 2013, and I hope y’all have great NYE fun! Most of all, I hope you have the faith I do that we can all make this next year better for ourselves and each other.
I’m hopeful for the happy ending. I’m crossing my fingers, universe. Are you listening?


  1. I'm not good with vague goals (somehow my “lose weight” goal doesn't have much traction with my “eggnog is tasty” thought), so I only have one solid goal for 2013, and that is: climb to Camp Muir by the end of the summer. It's the base came for Mt. Rainier summit attempts, and it's at 10,000 feet. That is hella strenuous when you're me! So I will need to get in decent shape to do it. We'll see if it happens…

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