Me & Drew

I’ve been feeling a little dried up lately writing-wise. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, it’s just that I can’t really get them out. Sometimes putting an actual pen to paper helps get things flowing, but most of the time, there’s just some kind of congestion in the thought-to-words process.

But during this gloomy Monday and a temporary Internet outage, I decided to crack open the newest copy of Good Housekeeping. This mag just started showing up one day, and I’m not one to turn away anything that involves good interior design and organization. Besides, I have my suspicions that my delightful Grandma sent the surprise subscription my way…
Backstory aside, I finally got to the cover article about Drew Barrymore. I’ve always been a fan, (though I know she can be another one of those polarizing celebs) so I was curious to see what the gal had been up to since her marriage and baby havin’. And on a gloomy Monday with my nose in the pages of GH, I had an unexpected moment of inspiration alongside Ms. Barrymore.
Her achievements and drive are both motivational and admirable, but even more were Drew’s fierce love and happiness she has toward her lot in life that really struck a chord with me. (Read the full article here if you so please.) I’ve felt this deep level of gratitude with the universe lately, despite not being able to find any other words for the intensity of gratefulness I have other than “thank you.” When I read about someone else feeling that kind of fullness and not getting overwhelmed in the process, it made it a little easier to find the right thing to say. It felt easier to let go of the things I have to wait for, and to make moves on the things I have power over right now. It even made it easier to forgive myself for taking yet another day recovery day for this cold and shoving four scoops of ice cream in my face while doing so.
I may have to shake the sleep from all of my creative and motivative bones, but the feeling of simpatico I have from this little article will make the comeback more manageable and serve as a constant source of inspiration to return to in the difficult hours.
And all the while, I’m going to stay so, so thankful for all of the love (and every big AND tiny thing in between) I have in my life. Just like Drew, I’m intending to fight like a lion to stay happy for the rest of my days.


  1. Looks like a fiercely festive time was had by all in those shots! I'm glad you're finding inspiration in new and interesting places, lovely. Vivent longtemps la créativité!

  2. drew barrymore is my fav. celeb. also i have an idea that we should get little recorders and write something that way…..sorry i never respond to your writing emails. i have permanent writers block but creative writing this semester should open it up! i love you!

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