Midnight // NYE 2012/2013 // The Avett Brothers

Ah, it’s that time of year again when all us bloggers recount whether or not we stuck to our guns and actually completed our resolutions. As you know, this is a blog about getting things done…….. so here’s hoping I haven’t royally screwed up and completed, say, ZERO of my resolutions.

At the beginning of 2013, I resolved to do only slightly more than a handful of things. Here’s the entry, but if you’re not one to muck about in archives, here’s a quick recap of the list:

1. Be a better adult.
2. Stay a better friend.
3. Have more patience and understanding.
4. Overcome MORE fears.
5. Be even more efficient.
6. Accomplish all my little goals in between without resolving to do them.
7. Just be.

Wow. Lofty goals, January 1st Rachel. Talk about setting high expectations for myself. Never one afraid to fail, I normally push further than I should. Let’s see how I fared, shall we?

1. Be a better adult.

I am by no means a model adult. I may not even be a mediocre adult, but I have damn sure come a long way this year. I’ve learned so much about reliability, and even more, how to BE reliable. I’ve learned to keep running, even when I’m knee-deep in heavy Carolina clay, knowing I have to reach the other side. I’ve taken jobs I didn’t want, left jobs I wanted to continue, and doubled-down on school and work, putting my social life lower on the list than in years past. While I’ve mentioned I’ll always be a “family/friends first” kinda gal, I finally figured out how to maintain that moral of mine while accomplishing great things and being responsible. I even have some money! ………. for now.

2. Stay a better friend.

I am a yo-yo better friend. There are periods of time in which I have a LOT of free time to spare; others where I barely have enough time to eat and sleep, let alone make some phone calls. I could do a better job, but I think I haven’t slipped TOO far back into yesteryear when I was always not such a great friend. Better to maintain than fall behind, even if I wish I could’ve hit this one out of the park. There’s always next year when I get out of my Master’s program!

3. Have more patience and understanding.

Oh, lord help all of you. Whereas I have gained so much of this in the career arena in my life, I admittedly have lost a lot of it in the personal domain. I’m sorry if I’ve been snippy or bitchy, perhaps spacey or annoyed, but I have poured all of my patience and understanding into over 100 kids. They need it most right now, and I am going to work very hard to squeeze some of that patience over to my loved ones in the coming year. Now that I know HOW to be patient, I have to learn how to BALANCE that patience. I have to understand others in the ways I always hope they understand me! But hey, I hope my students can at least attest to the fact that I almost never lose my temper. And when I do, they know weird things like town hall meetings will occur.

4. Overcome MORE fears.

Thanks to my newest project, 26 Gonnas for 26, I have definitely been visiting this resolution time and time again in 2013. I’ve sung publicly at karaoke bars; I’ve gotten back into modeling and ENJOYED IT; I’ve publicly and privately let go of toxic relationships. There have been a lot of fears I’ve conquered that aren’t even on the 26 for 26, which brings me to…

6. Accomplish all my little goals in between without resolving to do them.

Yeah, I know. I skipped 5, but we’ll get to that’n. Six and four pair well together like a good cheese and a fine wine, ya heard? There were so many moments this year that I found left me feeling so bold, so brave, and so utterly proud of myself. Overcoming fears, some of which I didn’t even know I had, was a lot easier in 2013 than in the past. Maybe it’s because I was so successful at resolution number one, but pushing forward into the unknown was just not as horrifying in ’13. I’m not saying it wasn’t sweat inducing to call my favorite co-workers ever to tell them I was offered a new job, and I’m not saying it wasn’t horrifying to meet, learn, and teach over 100 strangers in the middle of the school year… but I am saying that it was exponentially less disastrous than it would have been a year ago. And you know what? I found out I’m a lot BETTER at most of the things I’m scared of than some of the things I feel “safe” doing. What’s more is I didn’t feel the urge to tell anyone about these things (well, until now). I didn’t feel like I had to make a list, at least not publicly. I didn’t feel like I needed to have support to overcome my fear, something that is altogether new for me. While there are still some giant hurdles like flying and singing in public without a cheesy backup machine that WILL require a little hand-holding, learning to go solo into fear this year is what got me over the need to publicly resolve to accomplish every tiny morsel my brain cooked up.

5. Be even more efficient.

Welcome back, five! You tie into resolution one pretty well, sir. While I believe there’s always room for improvement when talking efficiency, I truly figured out and utilized it this year. If you remember, I started to see some vague progress in this field when I resolved to be efficient in 2012. This year, though, I really FOUND efficiency like it was the god damn Lost island I’d been screaming about returning to. (Lost reference anyone? Anyone?) I am much more organized than I was a year ago. I even have plans for further organization, some I utilized earlier this very week. I used to shy away from changing my methods for better ones for fear they’d be worse; now I trust my instinct and know the HUGE list I have for improvements will all work out, and they will all be better, 100 fold.

7. Just be.
Herein lies the crux: how can I just be if I always see so many things I must resolve to make better? Is it possible? Or must the two forever be at odds? I like to think I’ve just been a little more than I was in 2012. That’s not to say it has been a meditative, peaceful-as-fuck kind of year. Actually, it was pretty hectic… but there are some things this year I have let go of that I wouldn’t have DREAMED of getting past 365 days ago. It’s hard, being forever anxious (medically), finding out how to just be. And even though I didn’t complete this goal, I’m happy to say that over the past three weeks, things have been falling out of the sky and into my lap in regards to what I need to finally, truly just be. I’ve been finding answers to questions I’ve had for a long time, and I’ve been finding inspiration, reinforcement, and even new standards for myself I will not budge on… ever. And that, ladies and gents, is what I believe the first step to just being is: being yourself.

I’ll be back after the first of the year, hopefully with amazing tales of New Year’s festivities, a list of resolutions, and… drumroll… big news about the blog and its future.

Have a magical transition from 2013 to 2014! I’ll see you on the other side 😉

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