Year of the Reyonce

The Year of the Reyonce

With the success of last year’s resolutions, I really had to think about what could make this year’s a success. That’s when I realized my goals, much like my new blog and new general outlook on life, is all about me. I don’t mean that in a horrendous “FUCK ALL YOU OTHA HO’S” kind of way… I just mean in that “I have sacrificed myself and given all of me for so long, that 2014 should and MUST be the year of me” kinda way. This year I am myself, even if it means being a bitch. Even if it means losing some non-appreciative assholes along the way. Even if it means starting at square one, because at least at square one, I have me. And me? I WOKE UP LIKE THIS. #bowdownbitches


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