Your Turn!

Enough about me and my nothing-out-of-the-ordinary depression. I’ll deal with that privately from now on. (Well, unless I really need you guys, or something about the journey is incredibly helpful or funny. God, I really hope there’s some funny.)

ENOUGH ABOUT ME! What about you?

I recently joined a group of other bloggers on a social media site, and their advice as been inspiring and indespensible. One of the particular bloggers really inspires me with all his posts and speaks great wisdom about blogging/life in general. He reminded me that blogs are a community, and as much as I HAVE to be myself in order to find my niche, I also need to know what my current readers really want. I also got a signal boost for this idea from one of my favorite Aussie blogger’s recent entries!

So, what do you want? What would you like to see?

happy blog audience

Look at you! Look how happy you can be! (Sidenote: thanks to my friends for letting me take stock photos of them like this for my blog.)

I plan to add a lot of nerdom, creativity, fashion, reviews, and life happenings over the next few months as this blog grows into its own. But is that what you’re into?

Let me know! It would make me most happy to make you happy.

You’re important to me, you know? You’re important in general. In fact, you’re pretty damn awesome.


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