Since I’ve Been Gone

Ladies and gents, I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for quite some time.

I’ve been ultra busy with the usual stuff. Throw in a lot of weekends car and apartment shopping, and a big ol’ snowstorm, and the blog was the thing I had to let slide. That’s the way the cookie crumbles in the 99% life in America.

I’ve also been going through the ups and downs of treating and actually experiencing my depression/anxiety. I’ve been staying in a lot, doing things that keep me from getting rabidly angry or inconsolably sad. I actually enjoy all the me-time, but none of that time has consisted of thinking about writing. I’ve mostly been thinking about, you know… not falling into the deep abyss of no return.

Since today is about love (including self-love), I thought I should return to doing what I love (writing) with who I love (you).

So Happy Valentine’s/Simon Pegg Day one and all! Please remember to love yourself or Simon Pegg. Whichever you can muster today.

Read my self-love letter over at Confessions of a Love Addict if you want to know how I’ve been coping in these past few weeks.

Be still my heart, Jesse Pinkman.

Be still my heart, Jesse Pinkman.


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