On one of my random million-and-five themed Tumblrs, I have dedicated spreading a love of selfies for reasons deeper than vanity. I don’t intend to flood this blog with them, but I do want to bring the same message of self-love from that Tumblr to this blog. Without further ado, my selfie creed:

I take a lot of self-portraits. They really and truly are just for me. I’ve been doing this since before the selfie became… well, a “selfie,” so now I feel weird, trendy, and vain by having so many of them. I kept snapping away, never knowing what I’d do with them, but the digital skeletons in my closet grew and grew as my shame did.

As harsh and heartbreaking life moments often do, I was recently reminded of the fragility of life. This has prompted so much movement within me, especially when it comes to wanting to celebrate my health and life while I’ve got them. In order to do that the right way, I’m going to have to stay true to not giving a fuck what other people think. No backtracking here and there like I always do. This time, I want to stay vigilant; I want to stay true to me.

So what if anyone knows my photographic secret? Why not share it if it’s part of me? Why let the folks who scoff at this kind of thing harsh my mellow? No excuses, I just like this shit. Some of the reasons for that are deep and meaningful, while others are as shallow as the day is long.

Some days I snap these photos because I like my outfit, face, hair or makeup; other days I want to record how fucking tired I look or how god damn disgusting I can feel when I’m make-up free during an adult acne flare-up. The shots are often fun, but sometimes they’re sad. Sometimes they’re sexy and beautiful, but mostly they’re just weird.

Some of this is self-indulgent. Let’s not pretend otherwise. However, I realized as I was queuing up the posts how ridiculously silly this idea is. How much fun, then, this could be for all of us! Especially if we learn to laugh at ourselves. And hey, wouldn’t it be the cherry on top if revealing my own battles with image and self could help someone else feel comfortable enough to love themselves?

Either way, if you’ve found yourself here, be kind. Not just to me, but to each other and yourselves. I feel confident you know that while some of these were taken out of vanity, a lot of them were born from raw, personal emotion and honest, happy fun…

Oh, did I mention there will be jokes?


Credit lost, but this artist deserves so much of it!



  1. I know this is the “rage” and I have a goddaughter who spends a great deal of time taking selfies. I admit, I don’t understand it but also admit that because I don’t understand it, I refuse to judge it. There is so harm that I can see, no drain on societal resources. I don’t do it because A) I don’t have time B) I cherish the friends I have and I’d really hate to cause them undue angst over seeing me with dreadful bed-head! Oh yeah…it’s run the other way and hope not to puke kind of dreadful 🙂

  2. Selfies are cool. I ran a selfie contest on my Facebook page last year and awarded 3 Starbucks cards to the best (i.e. weirdest ones) I wish you would have posted one for us to see! Mine are usually out and about with my husband, dogs or kids, or after I get a haircut… for some reason! I’m never ashamed to post them. I get concerned when my 15 year old posts too many on her Facebook page – just a worry about privacy and all of that.

    1. I totally understand the worry about privacy; I would feel the same if I had a daughter/son! I love that you had a selfie contest. I absolutely would have entered if I had known! Thanks for the comment, Laurie.

  3. I kept expecting to see one of your selfies in this post, but I see that you meant what you said about them being just for you. I think that’s great. I’m too embarrassed by pictures of myself to make more than I have to, but maybe I should try it and it would get easier!

    1. It does get easier, and it really does wonders for your esteem since you can capture all the moods you want to! I will be rolling out an entry of acne selfies later to hopefully help someone suffering through that roller coaster. I will also add selfies throughout, but I don’t want to overwhelm the blogosphere with my face. I encourage you to start your own selfie revolution, even if it’s just por vou 😉

  4. Selfies are fun, but I have always been the one behind the camera, not in front.. LOL. When I do take selfies, it’s of my feet or me looking at something with my camera. It does get allot of laughs and engagement and people do seem to enjoy them.. 🙂 So have fun with your selfies, it really doesn’t matter what they’re of. 🙂

  5. Like most people, I take the occasional selfie, but I don’t share ALL the selfies that I take. I think that’s the key. I am Facebook friends with a lot of my former students and I have actually hidden posts from a few girls who post a ton of selfies each day.

    1. Yeah, I totally understand that. I have done the same myself to some folks on Facebook! That’s why I lasso my own onto that one, unpublicized, 7-follower blog 😉 Don’t wanna be “that” gal! 😛

  6. Interesting. I tend to take pics of other people and things. I never thinking of taking pics of myself. I guess you can think of selfies as showing that you were there, wherever it might be.

  7. It sounds like you have fun with selfies and share that sense of fun and discovery with your friends and followers. I think that’s great. In general I avoid posting pics of my self but probably should more often. Usually they get the biggest response and I am trying to add more links and visual content to my blog.

  8. I don’t take selfies of myself—except for of me and the dog and me after getting caught in the rain, as a way of telling my husband to remember his umbrella. I do take selfies (or am in other people’s duo selfies when I want to memorialize a meeting with someone it was fun to meet–usually other travel bloggers on the road). The last selfie I was in was taken by a 20-something Singaporean travel blogger which resulted in an aha moment, as in, “Aha, so that’s where you’re supposed to look!)

  9. I don’t have a problem with selfies, but I never take them. I look the same pretty much everyday. I do take pictures when I travel or when I’m out of town though.

  10. Selfies provide a different perspective than looking in a mirror. A bit like hearing ones own voice on a recording vs through ones mouth and ears at the same time. Interested in the motivation. Perhaps some like to “frame” their self-image in a particular way

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