www. Wednesday

I spend a lot of time scouring the internet when I should be doing things like planning or sleeping or living. In an effort to spread the wealth (and close some of the thousands of open tabs I’m infamous for), I decided to start www. Wednesday. Hope y’all enjoy!

Apparently The Huffington Post has the secret to the world’s happiest relationship on lock. Whether I agree or have a similiar relationship is neither here nor there. Let’s just say I’ve found my Jim Halpert 😉

This Refinery29 article’s a little old, but as a fellow KimK fan, I had to share with the world some of the few reasons why I can’t say I hate the girl. In fact, I kinda love her.

I’m sure you’ve been introduced to the cutest animal on the planet by now thanks to Reddit or Tumblr, but in case you haven’t, meet The Quokka.

NOT THAT I’VE HAD ANY EXPERIENCE WITH THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE…………… but Time has finally proven what all of us have known all along: Internet trolls are psychopaths.

This is my favorite, favorite video explaining reverse racism. Please watch through the end of the video else you end up confused about where Aamer (the brilliant comedian) and I stand on the issue.

To quickly move back out of the political realm, Buzzfeed has this beautiful treasure trove of Anna Kendrick’s so-right-it’s-painful Tweets.

And maybe this last one only interests me because I’m moving later this week, but here’s how to really organize, clean, and BEAUTIFY (real word? nah.) your new walk-in closet. Just me again? Sorry. A gal can’t get enough of a good closet!

Catch you sports fans next week from the new r.n. blog HQ!



  1. Haha this post reminded me of Allie Brosh’s thing about why she’ll never be an adult. (Paraphrased) ‘I contemplate all the shit to be done. And then I rebel. “No…. Internet! FOREVER.”‘ 😀 Awesomesauce.

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