In Defense of KimYe

I know.

It might be hard to believe I wrote that if you’re new here, or maybe not so much if you’ve been here a while, but I’ve always been a fan. Even if I hated them both, I still think I’d be a little upset with… well, how upset everyone else is about Vogue putting Kim and Kanye on the cover of their magazine. It’s not that I don’t understand the argument for it — it’s Vogue and it has a certain connotation associated with its name — but I think the ruckus is a little absurd, and to be honest, a little mean.

Let’s cover some bases real quick: Kim Kardashian got famous and stayed famous through a means most of us couldn’t or wouldn’t stand for; no one here is arguing that. However, you cannot deny that Kim and her family have talent. They may not have the typical skills of those who we think of as “normal” celebrities: singing, acting, dancing, or anything else in the creative vein. Their talent? Business. Their whole empire is a tightly run, highly successful company. You can hate them or love them, but the undeniable fact of the matter is that they’ve stuck around because of their adeptness at playing the system many before them and many after them will play in different (or similar) ways. The only difference between the Kardashian clan and other notable and famous businesspeople is that one of them made a sex tape which later became public. How is it (honestly) any worse than other famous business person’s indiscretions, such as Martha Stewart’s insider trading or Paula Deen’s blatant racism or Donald Trump’s many, many, MANY morally ambiguous life choices?

If I’ve convinced you or if your problem with the KimYe Vogue cover has nothing to do with Kim’s journey to the spotlight then my next logical assumption is that you take issue with Kim’s (or even Kanye’s) fashion choices. I definitely agree that she hasn’t always made the wisest or classiest wardrobe decisions, but who of us HASN’T been there? I cringe when I look back on photos of me dressed like this:

If you have to ask which one is me making the horrific fashion choice, then you'll never know.

If you have to ask which one is me making the horrific fashion choice, then you’ll never know.

However, we’re all entitled to evolve and be proud of that evolution. At the end of the day, who’s to say she’s not stylish enough? Maybe if she wasn’t way-back-when, she’s definitely evolved in a positive way lately, and no one can argue with that. Anyway, have you seen some of the weird shit that walks down the runways in fashion shows? Kim is far from fashion’s worst offender…

Really. REALLY.

It’s not just Kim. It’s all of us. We’re all going to make shitty sartorial choices forever and ever, amen.

Again, if it’s not how she dresses that people are finding qualms with, then I’m ultimately  led to believe that the latent problem America has with Kim Kardashian is her aesthetic. Somehow, the public has started to believe that she isn’t “good enough” for them, but I just can’t remedy that. If that IS the real reason, then we’re really, really in trouble as a population. Why? Because whether you like her or not, whether you personally find her attractive or don’t, she IS a beautiful person. She was beautiful years ago and is beautiful now; whether she’s been enhanced is neither here nor there, as it is a woman’s prerogative to make herself feel beautiful in any way that is mentally healthy. And if her face alone is not the issue, then I start to think that people have a problem with her figure, in which case: just shut up because your argument is invalid. No one, not even Vogue, is allowed to shame someone for the shape of their body, their weight on a scale, or how they look in clothing. No one. That’s how eating disorder epidemics start, and I think we could all back off a little bit for the sake of both Kim and thousands of other young women who struggle with body image. After all, if this gorgeous woman isn’t good enough for Vogue, who is? Who will ever be?

Kimye Vogue Cover


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