Style: Spring Stripes

I promised fashion entries back when I first set up this new phase of my blog, but so far, I’ve been hiding out in layers of clothes that resemble the trash lady in The Labyrinth. If you’re not well-versed in David Bowie’s film canon, she looks a li’l something like this:

Sorry for any proceeding nightmares.

Goblin weather be gone; now that things are green and the weather is finally brushing against that PERFECT NUMBER (70), I am capable of dressing myself in human garments once again. (For the record, what I’m wearing and where I got it from are listed, now and forever, at the bottom of each fashion post!)


I felt like mixing my favorite (thrifted) striped shirt with GREEN shorties (cropped pants to the rest of the world), then throw in my new bag. Don’t worry… a what’s in Reyonce’s bag post is ever-so-imminent.


The pup had to join because we’re joined at the hip. We promise to drag some poor, unsuspecting soul into our next post to take QUAL-I-TEE fashion photos.

top {thrifted} // cropped pant {target} // satchel {target} // *new* camera strap {Etsy — iMoShop}


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