www. Wednesday

+ First and foremost, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS. If you haven’t heard about Heartbleed (or you have, but you’ve just ignored everything about it), it’s really vital that you make sure your personal information is safe. 66% of the Internet uses the software it affected. See this list to know what you need to get to changing NOW!

+ Okay guys… are you ready? Hold on to your hats. TINA AND AMY ARE MAKING ANOTHER MOVIE!!!!!! It’s okay to scream and maybe pee yourself a little. (I won’t tell.)

+ This is an amazing reminder that it’s really hard to talk to people in general, but especially to people we love like crazy. Here are a really astute 7 steps to have THAT convo. No, not that one… THAT one.

+ Now, I only really like a handful of babies in this world; otherwise, I can take ’em or leave ’em… but this sassy baby speaks to my soul.

+ This author really, really knows how to cut to the core of you when he cuts it to you straight on why you have to quit your job this year. I’m inspired by his words, but most of all, his bold actions.

+ Drake is funny. Watching him interview people about himself in disguise is even funnier.

+ This poignant tribute to a gone-too-soon young lady and writer really makes me wish I knew her and really inspires me to get on the ball!

+ Someone from Refinery29 came and stole my brain’s playlist of “Can’t-NOT-sing-along” songs. HOLD ME CLOSER, TINY DANCERRRRRR….

+ And finally, if you need to understand my personality (including but not limited to the bitching/celebrating I do on this blog), please read every single word of this essay on Type A’s. (I took a test once and I’m technically Type A1, the most Type A a person can be. YAY?!?!)


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