www. Wednesday

+ A good list of interpersonal relationship advice. Some of these are cliche, but so what? It gets to the point about how we’re all just struggling to figure out what the hell everyone around us is thinking and how exactly we can maintain our relationships with those people while still being ourselves.

+ If you remember from last week’s www. Wednesday, my sis and I have started an Etsy shop, so this blog from my girls at ABM about evaluating business ideas really struck me.

+ I’m sure you’ve seen it by now, but this video of Jimmy Kimmel asking people on gluten-free diets what gluten is is PRICELESS! It speaks to the nature of being human, not to mention the article accompanying it explains what gluten is for those who don’t know.

+ My aforementioned (aforementioned, aforementioned, AFOREMENTIONED, AFORE…) OCD always has me on the lookout for more efficient ways to streamline my life and de-clutter. This article kills it with ideas for both!

+ As you can tell, I love lists that guide me in the right direction. This one is about six habits of successful people you should try to replicate every day. I’M IN!

+ Medical science has done a lot of cool stuff lately, but being able to diagnose disease through your breath? THAT SHIT IS ON POINT!!

+ As I’ve mentioned on my blog before, I’m a HUGE advocate for putting cat-calling up on the chopping block. One of my favorite bloggers of all time, The Coquette, created a Tumblr for us to call out assholes who harass us in the streets via photos/videos/etc.

+ The manlove and I found a darling, delicious Indian restaurant the other day with a grocery inside. There were coconuts there for dirt cheap, and well… if you want to know how to crack and use a coconut as much as I do, here are the best instructions I’ve found!

+ Want to know how long it will take to binge-watch that new favorite show of yours? Check out this list of how long it takes to watch popular shows back to back. Want to feel horrible about how many hours of your life you have wasted rewatching these over and over and over? SIMPLY COME TALK TO ME, AND I’LL ASSURE YOU THAT YOU CANNOT HAVE POSSIBLY WASTED MORE TIME THAN ME! And yes, I’m currently rewatching like three of these shows… again.


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