www. Wednesday

Reporting from my new portable device. Guess what it all means? MORE FREQUENT POSTS!!! Enjoy this week’s links, as well as the impending entry influx.

– – –

+ If you had a bad day or week, I promise that looking at these heartwarming photos of dogs leaving the shelter with their new owners will make you smile from ear to ear!

+ As I got older and the hangovers got worse, I could actually feel that something deeper and more ominous was going on inside my body than just the side effects of alcohol; here’s what really goes on in your bloodstream after a night of binge drinking. Be careful with your libations, y’all.

+ For some reason, Brad Pitt tossing Matthew McConaughey a beer in NAWLINS is the greatest thing I’ve seen in, like, years.

+ Finally! A study proving my mother and I right about how folks tend to fall for people who are similar looking to you, right down to our very DNA. What would the Internet do without you, IFLS?!

+ How AMAZING is the idea behind this bracelet called myLokai? We should all be required to wear them to keep us both humbled and motivated!


+ If you’re like the rest of us cross-continental traveling Americans, you’ve felt the pangs of not having a greasy fix from a regional fast food restaurant you fell in love with on the road. I just keep saying to myself “For every Taco Cabana moment I miss in my life, at least I can get a Cookout milkshake whenever the SHIT I WANT TO!!!!”

Lettering by Noel Shiveley


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