www. Wednesday

+ I only recently found out about this phenomenon in shelters from my pop (who adopted a darling black mutt, his first since our beloved black lab), so I find this article both close-to-home and timely. ALL DOGS NEED LOVE!

+ Need a pep talk? Let Tyrese and his daughter give you one that’ll melt your heart… even if yours somewhat ashen like mine. πŸ˜‰

+ These parents have the best sense of humor on the planet!

+ As the girlfriend of an avid motorcyclist, this phenomenon one man encountered after an accident both scares and intrigues me.

+ Levar Burton’s reaction to his fund for revamping Reading Rainbow hitting a mill. I don’t think I need to say any more.

+ YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAM! Even if that dream is to hug a panda while testing luxury beds or something…

+ If you thought you were alone with your zombie apocalypse plan tucked safely under your pillow, know that you’re in good company: the Pentagon has one, too! #brains

+ This epic list of online learning resources makes DIY’ers like myself jump for joy. YES, I WILL TEACH MYSELF HOW TO SEW, THANKS!

+ A concise, yet hard-hitting article examining the impact of the act of gossiping. Though I am human and have definitely gossiped (mine’s always out of anger — rawr?), I try to stay away far away from it. It’s good to see that there is a movement at hand!


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