www. Wednesday

+ Reading this time management blog entry made me have a SERIOUS panic attack. After I breathed into my paper bag and chugged a soda, I realized that if I could even utilize a third of it, I would be a crazy efficient human being, so here goes nothing!

+ The Washington Post has some brilliant scientists writing about how we could all stopped getting raped and/or beaten if we just got married already! OF COURSE!!!! (vom.)

+ A list of 10 things you should make yourself instead of buy by the folks at Apartment Therapy. I’ve only done one out of nine so far this year — better get ta’ steppin…

+ With a random numbered list like this, you know only BuzzFeed can be involved: 33 Jokes Only Game of Thrones Fans Will Understand.

+ I normally scoff at “love advice” posts, but this Distractify list of habits actual couples keep up is genuine and something ALL of us can do with our partners!

+ Anyone else one of those people who adores being scared? Just me? This probably says something about my psyche, but in the meantime, why don’t you check out this post of the world’s SCARIEST places! 😀

+ Just bought a huge bag of fresh asparagus to try my hand at making these delish looking asparagus fries, minus the aioli because it’s really just mayonnaise, and mayonnaise is the devil.

+ With my first How-To coming up later this week dealing with clothing (WINK, WINK; NUDGE, NUDGE), I feel it only appropriate to link up to Into Mind’s colour theory post. It’s incredibly helpful when you’re feeling like you don’t have any good outfits or clothing in general, as well as for when you’re buying and need help making the new item useful.

Good night and good luck; I leave you in the hands of the incomparable BatDad.



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