www. Wednesday

This particular www. Wednesday is full of clickbait, but I don’t care! It’s THE CREAM OF THE CROP of clickbait. Read it, breathe it, live it.

+ I thank my lucky stars that the men I had in my life growing up were feminists, but the world could use more of them. If you’re interested in making the world a more feminist place, check out this list from xoJane of 35 practical steps men can take to support feminism.

+ www. Wednesday would simply not be the same without at least ONE Game of Thrones-related link: 19 words that have a totally different meaning on GoT.

+ As an English teacher (and general lover of the written word), I can’t resist a good list o’ things you probably never knew about the English language. Promise I’m not trying to bamboozle ya!

+ Bees are literally the coolest (and cutest) creatures on the planet, yet we treat them like crap. They also, you know, KEEP US ALIVE! Here’s a really cool way to give back to them by creating your very own bee hydrator.

+ If you want to see the amazing side of Pakistan we never get to see thanks to skewed media coverage, please check out this beautiful list of photographs that finally illustrate there is more to their culture than war.

+ If you are antisocial (cough… ME! …cough) than you will identify with and adore this list of 30 things only AS people understand.

+ Check out my friend Liz’s #BeFearless project if you haven’t already. She explains everything on this page dedicated to it on her blog, not to mention you can find MY story there AND submit your very own, even if you don’t have a blog!

Now stare at this puppy’s sweet face and have an amazing Wednesday. I know I will, even if I’m sick, because it means I get to read like it’s my job!


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