Style: Beach Preppy

WELCOME BACK, EVERYONE! Or more like welcome back to me because I’ve been at the beach for the past week+. While I was there, I got to experiment with a lot of my new outfits, including some new styles out of my normal realm because if not on vacation, when?!


I normally only have three kinds of style: french chic (sometimes more shabby chic), boho weirdo no one else thinks is fashionable, and work clothes (aka no style because I can’t let anyone see my shoulders or my legs or my chest or my nose or my eyes or…).

However, after seeing this perfectly beachy and preppy Italian sports shirt in the thrift store, I knew I’d have to give a new style a shot. I decided to prep out for a dinner with the fam at Rundown Cafe.


Of course, I couldn’t rock this look 100% clean. I had to throw on some textures that were more “me.”



My favorite part of the outfit, even though they were a bit odd, had to be the shoes. They fit perfectly, not to mention matched the green in my shirt like little rockstars. They are still the comfiest pair of thrifted flats I’ve ever owned!


{tank — thrifted Brenntano} // {scalloped shorts — old navy} // {satchel — target} // {jewelry — forever 21 [necklace&bracelet] + etsy + itsy bitsy} // shoes {thrifted — $2!}



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