Style: French Beach

As I mentioned in my last beach style entry, I normally use some inspiration from my French roots when I’m dressing, at least on alternating days. On my birthday, I was feeling très Français, but wanted to add a beachy twist. This is what I got!20140716-135111-49871252.jpg

After getting way too red the day prior–something I try to avoid at all costs–I convinced J to vacate the beach a little early with me to hit the local stores. We had a lovely late afternoon; it was nice to grab some ice cream and be alone together for a little while.


I bought this scarf in the li’l mountain town of my alma mater in March, and I was waiting for the perfect reason to bust it out. Something about it felt nautical.


There were some new additions to the faire this year, including Dr. Seuss-like painted plants!


And really, what would a beach trip or a birthday be without one of these hokey pictures?


{hat – kokopelli} // {sunnies – just for the beach} // {tank — the limited} // {scalloped shorts — old navy} // {satchel — target} // {jewelry — forever 21 [bracelet] + etsy + itsy bitsy} // shoes {not pictured, thrifted for $3!}


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