Little Spaces: My Vanity


Little spaces in my home often feel like bigger havens to me than the large ones. I particularly feel this way about my vanity, a vintage piece from the 70’s passed down to me by my mother.


Little spaces, I feel, also help ground me in remembering to feel positive when I’m damning my apartment for its lack of natural lighting (which I’m sure you’ve noticed in these photos, eh?) or its horrid cell phone service. I look at those little spaces I’ve spent time creating, and I just feel… zen. I mean, how could little hedgehogs NOT do the trick?!


It doesn’t hurt that this is the place I go to make myself feel beautiful and healthy. I’ve packed it full of my favorite products AND my favorite trinkets, most of them gifts from people I love dearly.


I’ll talk about my go-to beauty products soon, but for now, just bask in the glory of little spaces!


I love getting to look at the gifts people have given me from all over the world – Japan, Mexico, India, and of course, right here in the USA – as I throw on my rings and spray my Caudaile on my face.


Let me know if you want any information about the items pictured here! What are your favorite little spaces?


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