www. Wednesday

Happy birthday to my little sis, C! Her birthday is actually tomorrow AND today because you know, TIME DIFFERENCES – ooohh, time travel!!! I love you from the bottom of the ocean, all the way to the moon and back. Tomorrow, we will be doing a special blog entry where both of us write a letter to something from our childhood…

– – –

+ First things first: we need to talk about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. (<< Trigger warning on this article.) This is a terrifying tragedy that could mean a lot of implications for the global community. I think the best thing for all of us in the blogging community to do is 1) to acknowledge this moment. We have a social responsibility since we have a public platform. 2) to show how we support one another and those involved, no matter our heritage or political party; we can set the mark for others by sticking together, which is just the opposite of what many malevolent people in this world want us to do. We must prove better. My heart goes out to those lost and those mourning for them.

+ If anyone has heavy boots after that link, please enjoy these Disney princesses reimagined as sloths in GIF form.

+ If anyone wants to help MH17 families, for now, Malaysia Airlines is providing monetary assistance, though I am sure other ways to lend a hand will emerge very shortly.

+ If anyone needs something sunny and happy now, please know that this beautiful (and largest of them all) swimming pool exists in Chile.

+ If anyone needs a laugh, to remember that there IS good in this world, watch the video below:


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