www. Wednesday

WEDNESDAY, WHUT UP, DAWG!? Hope y’all have had a good one. I’ll be traveling tomorrow for the rest of the week, but will have some entries queued up until Friday when I take my usual weekend blogging break. See y’all Monday!

– – –

+ STOP EVERYTHING: The Evil Dead is returning a la TV series with the amazing OG’s involved. HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!

+ As if I weren’t hankering for some natural activated charcoal already, this blog about how it can be used as a natural teeth whitener pushed me over the edge. I wish I were joking. #charcoallife

+ In a study, psychologists prove that reading Harry Potter actually is its own form of magic. Read on to understand why…

This simple slideshow from Refinery29 is not only easy to read (and short if you’re low on time), but extremely helpful in assisting those of us who (still) suffer from acne in knowing what works and what doesn’t.

+ Honey. Mustard. Roasted. Cabbage. MUST TRYYYYY!!!!

+ Another brilliantly written piece about teaching. I highly recommend this one if you didn’t like my own version of it months ago; he says everything I wanted to say without my dry humor or bitterness! Thanks, Peter Greene.

+ Inspired Wikipedia searches by my recent horror flick binge: info on Project MKUltra (scary mind control experiment I didn’t know about… OR DO I?!?!) and the Dyatlov Pass Incident (which has been one of my favorite FUCKING HORRIFYING mysteries for like two years). << Trigger warnings galore, y’all… especially on Dyatlov.

+ Wanna see the cutest puppy to ever have been stung by a bee? I GOTCHU!


xo, Reyonce


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