Reyonce’s Life Hacks, Pt. I


  • Stop using the top sheet. You’ll be able to make your bed EVERY DAY in 30 seconds flat. What is that sheet even for? All it does is trap you in its seemingly inescapable cocoon. Ditch it!
  • Do not use a coupon for something you don’t need. That means you’re actually spending money you weren’t intending to. Thanks White House | Black Market, but I’m not in the market for any new clothes, especially not $100 worth.
  • Take your time curating your own aesthetic, and you’ll never have to buy anything ever again. #cheapaintbetter
  • Listen to the men (or women!) in your life when they teach you how to do something you’re resistant about knowing how to do (change a tire, organize the toolbox, etc.). They’re not trying to disempower you or imply you don’t know what you’re doing; in fact, they are trying to help you do whatever you desire independently from them.
  • Write everything down. You may never read it again, but I still remember the pain of losing what I am 100% sure was a #1 hit song I dreamt one night…
  • Apple cider vinegar, natural oils, and teas for everything. Weight loss, detox, hair, etc. Whatever you want, try these first. It works for everything. EVERYTHING!
  • Create an inspiration collection, and you’ll never feel stumped again. (I’ll write an entire entry about this later this week when I unpack from my move!)
  • Lists. Lists. Oh, and lists! #getitdone
  • Wash your plastic ziplock bags. There is no reason on earth you shouldn’t use those things at LEAST twice. Unless that reason is spilt honey.
  • That being said, don’t buy plastic. It breaks, and it’s bad. Glass, metal, and wood are where it’s at.
  • Measure before the matter, not after. This applies to whatever you need it to.
  • Get halfway there the night before, and your morning will be so much better. This applies to whatever you need it to, too.

xo, Reyonce


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