Reyonce’s Skin Care 101

I wash my face with soap about twice a month.

You heard me. TWICE A MONTH!

The rest of my day-in, day-out skin care is based around two things: oils and creams. On a daily basis, I remove my makeup and wash my face with one or the other.

For years, I avoided over saturating my face with moisture because I was terrified of acne due to my oily skin. After I actually suffered from intense adult acne, I became even more terrified of anything where it felt like more moisture was being layered on my face over the natural shine of already very present oil.

As the years paced on, however, I started striving for more natural regimens to incorporate into my beauty and health routines so I could cleanse my system of any toxins that may have been blocking my pores (and organs) from the inside-out. Along the way, I did some experimenting with my face routine for the first time since high school, and I have to say: Mother Nature didn’t disappoint.

I first tried olive oil, because, well, I had it in my kitchen. Nothing much to report there, so I’ll keep it on my stove.

After that, I dove straight in to Vitamin E oil after reading about a model using it as her facial cleanser. It worked well most of the time, especially at healing acne scars and other discoloration, but it could still load down on my pores and cause breakouts. I knew I wanted to fully segue to oil for my cleanser after seeing what Vitamin E could do on a good day, but didn’t know what to do. I actually just sort of happened upon my now go-to when I was grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s: jojoba oil.



It was more expensive than Vitamin E oil, but still below $10 by far. To boot, it said–right on the bottle–that it could be used to remove makeup! I threw it in my cart and from then on, it’s been history. A beautiful, glowy history.

Like with the Vitamin E oil, there was a slight adjustment period with my face, but nothing like I had dealt with before. Now, I only break out hormonally, and the oil doesn’t add to the break-out. In fact, and maybe this is just the placebo effect, I think it helps curb those breakouts.

When I need something especially heavy duty, I use the throwback of all throwbacks: cold cream pre-shower. I then remove it with a cotton round or tissue and jump in the shower to use the steam to help any residue gently melt in or off.

At night, other than my jojoba oil, I use an anti-aging retinoid cream every few nights, and eye cream when the occasion calls for it. Other than that, I may throw in an organic, oil-free moisturizer here and there.

I keep my face protected in between by using SPF-packed mineral (BareMinerals) and/or salicylic acid-based makeup (like Neutrogena’s carries), as well as actual sunscreen (and I’m talking, like, SPF 70+).

As for my makeup routine? Well, that’s a whole other post now… isn’t it?



  1. I don’t wash my face. Ever. Unless I’ve been doing a lot of yard work and it has dirt on it or I’ve been very sweaty. Then I just wipe it off with a damp washcloth. I hate water and pretty much everything else on my face. I did once use olive oil to get some stubborn eyeshadow off, but that was it.

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